Community Guidelines

Svpply is our favorite marketplace and we hope it’ll be yours too. And like any good marketplace, it thrives because our members follow a few easy ground rules.

Be respectful

Be nice. Don’t be a jerk. But you’re not a jerk; jerks don’t read community guidelines.

Be useful

When adding new products from outside of Svpply, always add them from the pages where they’re sold. Sold as in purchasable. Purchasable as in a framed picture of a cat, not the cat itself.

Be transparent

Fill your Svpply with products that you love and the community will love you back. Fill it with the entire contents of your Beanie Baby eBay store and we’ll kick you out.

Be helpful

If you see something wrong with the site, tell us–we’ll thank you. And if you have any suggestions, we’re eager to hear them too.

Yours truly,
Ben, Greg, Zach, Guille, Nate, Jud, Mark, and Allan

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